Who are we?

The aim of this web site to promote the life and thinking of Father Joseph Wresinski, founder of ATD Fourth World through writings, recordings, videos and photographs.

This web site is coordinated by the Centre Joseph Wresinski in Baillet-en-France, near Paris. Since 2005 all of ATD Fourth World’s archives have been kept there, in particular the archives of Joseph Wresinski.

The ‘Wresinski Approach’ is rooted in his personal experience of poverty, from his childhood in Angers where he was born on 12 February , 1917, to the life he shared with those living in poverty until his death on 14 February 1988. The Wresinski Approach is a new way of thinking about extreme poverty and a new way of combating it. The Wresinski Approach continues to exert influence in France, elsewhere in Europe and throughout the world.

This web site offers any interested person, be they members of ATD Fourth World, researchers, activists, those living in poverty or those from any other background the chance to discover the life and thinking of Joseph Wresinski.