Participation or communion ?

“What delights me and the families again and again is finding Christ always fully participating in the life of those living in poverty. The idea that they should participate in our projects arises from the times we live in.  It seems to stem from a misunderstanding about what can bring about closer ties between the rich and the poor. Who should inspire whom?  Who holds the experience in life and the essential thinking required to reconfigure our world, our institutions, our religion and our faith?

Jesus isn’t about participation, he is about communion, and from the conversations in which we have the joy of taking part, each time a wondrous light is bound to spring forth, a light that startles us precisely because those living in poverty do not participate in a way of thinking that was primarily developed without them. Instead, they­ create original thought born of their unique experience of extreme poverty and exclusion. Such thinking inevitably surprises the well-to-do. I believe this takes us towards the heart of the Gospels”.

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