What Are We Going to Do Now?

Now, the night is behind us. We are in the morning…

This night when we, citizens, government ministers, elected representatives, civil servants as well as all the others, formed an alliance with the unemployed, the illiterate, the abjectly poor and the homeless. This is not a pact for a single night, but rather for the future.

What are we citizens going to do now? What are we going to do now, we the families of the Fourth World so that together our neighbourhoods and our daily lives be finally worthy of the humanity which burns within us?

And you, young people, who are impatient for justice and for the truth, what are you going to do in your schools and in your universities and in your youth clubs? Will you be the champions of this new road where justice triumphs over profit and exploitation, where peace triumphs over war.

We must live with the future. The future is in your hands, the world of tomorrow will be yours.

Father Joseph Wresinski

Listen to the speech in French:

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