Chronic Poverty and Lack of Basic Security: The Wresinki Definition

Chronic Poverty and Lack of Basic Security

“A person’s or family’s security rests on certains foundations such as employment, health, housing and education. When these foundations are sound, people are able to meet their responsabilities to their work, their families and their communities and to enjoy their basic rights. When the foundations are undermined, the insecurity that results can have lasting and serious consequences. This insecurity leads to chronic poverty when it affects several of life at the same time an when it becomes persistent. This in turn compromises the person’s of family’s chances of reassuming their responsibilities and of regaining their lost rights in the future”.

Definition adopted by adopted by the French Economic and Social Council in his Policy Statement

“A lack of basic security is the absence of one or more factors that enable individuals and families to assume basic responsibilities and to enjoy fundamental rights. Such a situation may become more extended and lead to more serious and permanent consequences. Extreme poverty results when the lack of basic security simultaneously affects several aspects of people’s lives, when it is prolonged, and when it severely compromises people’s chances of regaining their rights and of reassuming their responsibilities in the foreseeable future”.

Definition proposed by Fr. Joseph Wresinski in his report « Chronic Poverty and Lack of Basic Security »,  to the French Economic and Social Council, (February 1987)

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