Dunces or Outcasts ? Schools need to come down to the streets

Interview of Joseph Wresinski, TV Show “laser” in 1981.

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Video Transcript

Joseph Wresinski: Schools need to reach the streets. Teachers need to come meet the children where they are – in the inner cities,  in their neighborhoods. Meet, but don’t just meet, become friends with their parents. Become friends with  the older generation, with the children, with their world. At that moment, that’s  when the school will also become home for the children, it will become once more
the children’s kingdom.

Interviewer But, that isn’t just a problem for teachers, is it ?

Wresinski: This isn’t just a problem for teachers,  it’s a problem for the whole country. It’s just that, it’s a… I would say,  we need a political consensus. We need the political will so  that the French people, because we’re talking about France here  but it’s also true for other countries that the French people decide  once and for all that in ten years in this country there won’t be  a single child who finishes school not knowing  how to read and write. That in ten years young people who go  to school will be able to learn a real trade.

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