Faith in the Fourth World : When Only God Remains

A life without rhythm or meaning

Let us put ourselves in the presence of those men and women, those families and this people who embody the poverty of our time, heirs of the people living in poverty who, two thousand years ago, jostled with each other as Jesus Christ passed by or hid in the sunken passages outside the towns; Heirs of those living in poverty who populated the leper colonies and hospitals in the Middle Ages or sheltered underneath the cathedral buttresses; heirs finally, of the slum dwellers, and finally those in the shanty towns and the most deprived quarters at the beginning of our own century. Heirs that we still find today crowded into the outskirts of our cities, in the rubbish tips, banished to the most dilapidated dwellings in our villages, or isolated in the countryside.

What do the people living in poverty in the back alleys of our own time tell us about God, about faith in the God of the Gospels? Let us go down to this ‘nether world’, to the Beauchamp’s home.

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