“I bear witness to you…..”

Inauguration of the stone in honor of the victims of human misery. October 17, 1987, Paris, Plaza of Human Rights and Liberties.

Right in the family itself

“The families living in deepest poverty have taught me so much.”

Au coeur de la famille

Geneva, February 20, 1987 —remarks to the United Nations Human Rights Commission

“The poorest of the poor remind us that, in the end, Human Rights remain the business of human beings. Those living in deepest poverty count on the Human Rights Commission to help them make this appeal for sisterhood and brotherhood heard. This alone will ensure that the inalienable rights will penetrate into the farthest reaches of human misery.”

With children….

“From children I learned what they alone can understand immediately—that people are slow to love and to want justice.” Excerpt from “A Compass for Tomorrow”

Avec les enfants

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