Study session 13 and 14 Septembre 2013

At the International Centre of ATD Fourth World, Pierrelaye, France

“You cannot share the lives of poor people if you do not understand what they have experienced themselves, and what has been passed down to them from their parents, grandparents and ancestors. If you do not understand them, you remain an outsider, and will never live as brothers and sisters.” Joseph Wresinski

Confronting the violence of extreme poverty and building a common future through compiling a history together with the poorest members in society

This session is intended for students and academics doing research in the fields of history and collective memory, and people engaged in the fight against poverty within their profession, their commitments or their mission within ATD Fourth World or other organisations. The aim is to bring together researchers and field workers to share their working experiences and questions.

Four themes will be treated in plenary sessions :

- Keeping alive the memory of places where people lived and resisted to poverty
- Finding the trace of the poorest in history : difficulties and stakes
- Democracy, slavery, extreme poverty and Human Rights
- Faced with the violence of poverty – what history should be written, with whom, and with what objective ?



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