To Be Free

Father Joseph Wresinski  speaking in Antwerp (Belgium) 1986, at the event – The Children of the Fourth World:  30 years of photographs.

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To be respected, to live with dignity, means to be free. To be free, for us, to be free it’s freedom for someone
able to think for themselves, to not be struck dumb by ignorance, paralysed by poverty and suffering, to not feel like they’re always wrong. To be free is about not living in shame. For us, we are free when we can practice our profession. When we can work. We are free when we can live with those who are close to us, with our children, with those we love. We are free when we can exercise our judgement, when we can judge fairly and correctly. When we can express what we have in our heart. When we can express our ideas, our thoughts, and make choices. It is what it means to be free. Our children are free when they can go to school, and not be made fun of, when they aren’t dismissed because of who their family is, because of their race, because of their ethnicity. When they are not judged
by the work their parents do or the neighbourhood where they live or for their ignorance because they don’t speak correctly. This is the freedom we want for our children.

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