Trailer for the Cerisy Seminar Day 1 – June 7, 2017

The seminar, “Rethinking our World from the Perspective of Poverty – with Joseph Wresinski” began on June 7 in Cerisy-la-salle, France.

A few short excerpts from the day are available below – full videos coming soon!

This video is in French with English subtitles, including interviews with Rene Munhindo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Nelly Schenker (Switzerland), and Evelyne de Mevius (Switzerland).

Click on the links to listen to the interviewed persons’ speeches:

Nelli Schenker 

Evelyne de Mevius 

Find the other summaries of the seminar by clicking on the following links:

Thursday, June 8th

Friday, June 9th

Sunday, June 11th

and Monday, June 12th

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