Joseph Wresinski and Simone Weil. Relational Anthropology and Philosophy of Action – Emmanuel Gabellieri

Violence and the Benevolent Gift: Rethinking Relationships

Round Table: Rethinking Human Relationships

Emmanuel Gabellieri uses different approaches to draw parallels between the writings of Joseph Wresinski and Simone Weil:

1) A definition of the person by “human activities” – looking particularly at fundamental human activities: reflecting on oneself and one’s life experience and connecting to the universal through different milieux of existence.

2) A definition of the link between people through recognition and mutual love, with two dimensions: the right and the obligation to matter to others, and to be able to share what one has received – in other words, brotherhood and charity.

3) To realize human brotherhood through the ability to take action and to share a common action, through two angles: action, the irreducibly subjective power and collective action, an irreplaceable stimulant.


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