Time is pressing …

Time is pressing

It is time to understand that there is no celebration that is not a celebration for all.

It is time to set our hearts on celebrations that are enjoyed by us all.

That on Christmas night, with electricity finally restored to our homes, we can for once blow out the candle.

That the threat of eviction weighing on us is lifted because our rent arrears are cleared at last.

It is time to finally banish the repeated dread of hunger,
and, unlike days gone by, to ensure that no home is now without heat.

Will the time have come when people are supported while unemployed,
when children no longer wear donated clothes,
when people in poverty no longer shamefully beg,
as the market closes, for offal to add to their potatoes?

Time is pressing.

Is it now that people in poverty will no longer be fearful,
and celebrations will at last be enjoyed by everyone?

Joseph Wresinski

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