Definition of Culture

“Culture is defined in its broadest sense as the ’means given an individual to understand the surrounding society and play a part in its workings.’ (. . .) when people are unable to understand the links between the direct or indirect causes of their situation, they tend to attribute their condition to fate, to some sort of inferiority or even to their family. In contrast, when they share a way of thinking with those in similar situations, they find new opportunities, new energy and a network of support. The principal injustice (. . . ) is that they do not understand the workings of the society around them and that they do not play any role in its development. Outside their immediate family, they have no real contact with the community and are not called on to help in building a society that would have a greater sense of solidarity. The fact that they never feel needed by employers, schools, churches, local associations, political groups or labor unions underlines their social exclusion in a clear and painful manner.”

J. Wresinski, Chronic poverty and lack of basic security 10 – 11 February 1987. p. 44

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