By Father Joseph Wresinski

Blessed are you the poor

A fresh revealing reading of the Gospel through the eyes of the very poor.

© 1992, 287 pages (20.7 x 13.8cm)

The very poor, living proof of the indivisibility of Human Rights Translation of a contribution by Joseph Wresinski to a fundamental review of Human Rights by the National Advisory Committee on Human Rights (France).

© 1994, 48 pages (20 x 12cm)

Father Joseph Wresinski: Founder ATD Fourth World Movement His Life, Our Life

The life and work of Joseph Wresinski, the founder of the ATD Fourth World movement.

© 1995, 35 pages (21 x 12cm)

The poor are the church

Father Joseph Wresinski relates what he and the members of ATD Fourth World have learned from the poor, and reflects on what it means to give to the priority to the poor amongst us.

© 2002, 288 pages (22.8 x 15.4cm)

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