Hope in the Fourth World – An Illusion?

Making a mockery of all efforts for the future 

If the Son of God was made man in our time, would it not have been in the shanty towns of the Fourth World that the stable and Golgotha were to be found?

‘This Christmas’, said Mr Beauchamp who was at the heart of our first reflection, ‘this Christmas when I had nothing to give to my children, when the table was bare like every other day, this Christmas made up of humiliation and destitution, isn’t that perhaps what the Incarnation is’?

His loneliness, his silent suffering for his children, for his wife who can’t take it anymore, isn’t this without doubt also Golgotha?

This is the revelation of a faith buried deep within a man, but which appears as a sudden blinding light, before which we stand transfixed, because we no longer dare to expect it. How can this faith become life’s mission; how can it be transformed into a plan for eternity? How can it become part of God’s plan and in consequence a source of hope?

To meditate on hope, on the possibility of hope in the Fourth World, we are going to continue our journey with another well-known family.

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