A powerful call coming out of the world of poverty.

Video of Joseph Wresinski  in 1985 on the French TV show Apostrophes with the theme ‘What do those in poverty have to say?’

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Video Transcript

Joseph Wresinski: One day my bishop sent me to the camp at Noisy le Grand, and there…

Journalist: That’s where ATD Fourth World started, at Noisy le Grand.

Wresinski: Everything had already started. But at Noisy le Grand ATD Fourth World started. The call from the world of misery. And that, it started because, maybe and actually, Mother Theresa who came to see me some time ago, she told me, “I have never seen poverty like this, not even in India. What I find extraordinary, – she told me – “is that the children in the midst of all this poverty are full of joy and they welcomed me with such enthusiasm as if I were their big sister.” And so it was that poverty that was really… People were suffering… and that poverty made it so that people
had to stand up, to organize, to demand – not to demand bread, but to demand education. They demanded absolutely that I take care of their children, that I teach them. ATD was a response to that powerful call coming out of the world of poverty.

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