S.M. Miller on Father Joseph

In the spring 2014 issue of Social Policy, the sociologist S.M. Miller relates on what he learned from the Fourth World Movement.

“I recall the first time that I heard Father Joseph speak. I understood little of what he said but the volunteers listening to him occasionally laughed. Joking emerged. Indeed, the various times that I talked privately with Pere Joseph he would be bubbling (I did not understand much of it); obviously, he was enjoying his humor. The Movement was not a joyless, dutiful experience for him. Working for and with the poor realizes important elements of one’s own life.”

Extract from: S.M. Miller, The Fourth World Movement: Personal Lessons, Social Policy, Spring 2014.

S.M. (Mike) Miller is a co-founder and long-time board member of United for a Fair Economy. He is a senior fellow at the Commonwealth Institute and a board member of Poverty and Race Research Action Council. He is emeritus professor of sociology at Boston University and in 2009 received the American Sociological Association’s award for the Practice of Sociology.

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