Rethinking Our World from the Perspective of Poverty with Joseph Wresinski

Persistent poverty, even in rich countries, makes us question history, human relationships, responsibility, culture, and knowledge.

Joseph Wresinski, who founded ATD Fourth World in 1957, opened a field of grass-roots advocacy and thinking that set the stage for different scientific disciplines to rethink poverty with people who experience it and to start elaborating an inclusive, actionable knowledge to overcome poverty. This technique is know as Merging of Knowledge.

This book stems from the proceedings of a Cerisy colloquium held in June 2017, on the occasion of Wresinski’s centennial. It picks up the challenge of thinking about our world with academics, practitioners, artists, and people living in poverty from five continents. Their contributions, based on Wresinski’s approach, open up new avenues for research and practice that take into account our knowledge of the injustice of poverty.

An electronic version is available.
A printed version can be ordered using this form.

This English edition follows on a previous longer French publication, Ce que la misère nous donne à penser avec Joseph Wresinski, Paris, Hermann, 2018.

Paru le 21/07/2020
ISBN : 9791037003904
Collection : Colloque de Cerisy
Thématique : Sciences sociales
Dimensions : 15.2 x 22.9 cm
Prix : 25,00 €

Les éditions Hermann
6 rue Labrouste,
75015 Paris
Tél : 01 45 57 45 40

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